Week against racism 2017 by the Finnish Red Cross

The #minäpäätän #jagbestämmer #idecide campaign highlights how everyone can take part in creating an equal and safe community and society that is open to all.

During the week, we encourage people to raise discussion on how to create an inclusive atmosphere to all people with the help of good decisions, positive images, stories, friendships and meetings. The campaign will comment on how a dream society is built through practical acts and decisions. 2017 is the centenary of independent Finland. The campaign is under the patronage of Sauli Niinistö, the President of the Republic of Finland.

The campaign week reinforces the image of Finland as an open and good country and Finns as friendly and sincere people. Dozens of organisations, many sports societies as well as athletes and official operators take part in the campaign. On the campaign video, Finns share the decisions they have made to stand against racism, and encourage others to do the same. The video will be shown on YLE channels during the campaign week.

According to the Red Cross’ ordinance and decrees, the basic mission of the organisation is to assist those who are in the weakest position and are the most vulnerable, and to defend human dignity and human rights. Racist behaviour is a form of discrimination, in which people are placed in different positions according to their background or presumed qualities. The Red Cross speaks out for and promotes a diverse and equal society where everyone has the same opportunities to act and to influence society.

The national anti-racism campaign of the Red Cross is organised every year during the same week as the UN’s International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, which takes place on 21 March. In 2017, the campaign is held during week 12, 20–26 March 2017.

Anyone can take part in the campaign by making a decision against racism. This decision can be an action or a promise about how to locally build a society that is safe and open to all. It can be, for example, a new friendship, a small campaign against racism or a promise to intervene in bullying. The decision will be made public through social media, using hashtag #minäpäätän in Finnish or, alternatively, #jagbestämmer in Swedish or #idecide in English.

From the online shop of the Finnish Red Cross, you can order materials against racism free-of-charge, including a cardboard box (assembly required) for the decision forms (included), to which you can collect the decisions in other events, at educational institutes or at work during the week against racism (week 12).

Kick Off Facebook Event for the campaign week, please share this link!

The campaign week will be kicked off in a showy fashion on Monday 20 March during the opening event held in Narinkkatori, Helsinki, between 3:30pm and 7:30 pm – Welcome!

The event offers introductions by organisations and authorities, music, games, performances, athletes, balloons, etc.


Overall responsibility and Narinkkatori event – Janette.Gronfors(at)redcross.fi, tel. +358(0)40 669 2487

Narinkkatori, safety - Maria.Pikkarainen(at)redcross.fi

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FRC districts, branches and volunteers – Emilia.Fagerlund(at)redcross.fitel. +358(0)20 701 2158,  Hanna.Holm(at)redcross.fi(FRC/Helsinki and Uusimaa district)

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