Finnish Red Cross coordinate Week against racism campaign 2018

The #olenkanssasi #jagärmeddig #imwithyou campaign highlights how everyone can take part in creating an equal and safe community and society that is open to all.

Finnish Red Cross coordinate national campaign on the week against racism

#olenkanssasi #jagärmeddig #imwithyou 19–25 March 2018


The national campaign in the week against racism is an IMPACT CAMPAIGN.

Everyone is responsible for their own choices and attitudes. The campaign is now focused on the individual – we want to affect them. People are different and everyone acts in their own way, but in the end, everyone knows the right way to act in racist situations, for example. Everyone, even the smallest children, know that everybody should be treated equally. The campaign of 2018 is also a campaign promoting equality for everyone. Everyone needs a person to be close to them and support them in their everyday lives. With this campaign, we also aim to implement two-way integration successfully.

WHEN? 19–25 March 2018, week 12

WHERE?Whole Finland

HOW? By making a difference!

o   We use our networks and challenge individual people, organisations, authorities, schools, educational institutions, different kinds of communities and sports clubs to participate in the joint campaign against racism


The Boiling Point discussion material is intended for teachers, youth workers and various kinds of communities to support them in discussions of racism, hate speech and patriotism. The material comprises selected scenes from the Boiling Point documentary and a set of questions to help you to start a discussion of the themes with your group. The material is recommended for use with people over 15 years of age. Using it requires a video projector and a fast internet connection.



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