Racism 24 board game

Sibel Kantola
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Racism 24 board game - A tool for group activities

Racism 24 is a traditional board game where players move forward on the game board by rolling a six-sided dice. Its event panels are based on situations that ethnic minorities have faced in Finnish society. The unpleasant incidents slow the players down, but positive experiences and humour have not been forgotten.
Racism is a highly individualised experience: different people react in different ways. Some also face racism more often than others, for example due to their work. However, the possibility of racism is always present in today’s society. If you have had many bad experiences, you may feel safe only within the confines of your home. This is why the game is called Racism 24, even though racism does not define anybody’s whole life.
The objective of this game is to encourage Finns who have experienced racism to talk about their experiences and bring these personal experiences to be collectively processed. On the other hand, for people who do not face racism, this game also offers the opportunity to see what kinds of situations others may have to face every day. During the game, the players can also think about how these experiences could be made less frequent.
The game has been developed during the peer activities section of the Against racism! project, coordinated by the Finnish Red Cross, at the Liikkukaa - Sports for All ry in 2016–2017. The game events are based on true experiences shared by the project’s groups, clients and partners. Each player group can add their own experiences to the game by making them into Joker events.
An ideal gaming situation is a meeting where about half of the time is used for playing and the other half for discussing the game experience and reflecting on the situations that have occurred during the game through the players’ own experiences. The number of players can vary. A good number is 3–6 players. For a group this size, the game duration is around 20–30 minutes. It is also possible to talk about the game events already during the game, in which case it takes longer to reach the goal. 
The board game is suitable to adults and young people from both the immigrant and original population. The gaming event can be held in groups without an external instructor. However, the person in charge of the group should learn about the game beforehand and evaluate whether it is suitable to the group. The Joker panels enable adding topics to the game that are significant to the group in question.
The aim has been to keep the game simple, both technically and visually. You can download the game board online, print it out and tape it together or glue it on a piece of cardboard. In addition to the three-part game board, the game includes two-page instructions for the game leader. These instructions explain the game events that the players may face. In addition to this, only a six-sided dice and game tokens for each player are needed.

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